We love working with partners

Let’s make clients happy together. 

I have a client project I want to discuss

Lovesac Sectional Couch

We make sure that your products are designed for the best possible customer experience.

Premiere Threekit Partners

We do the heavy lifting. You get the benefits.


What’s ours is yours 

Your organization gets a percentage of the year one Threekit subscription, plus bonuses for projects that involve consulting services.


Set yourself apart

When you offer our leading-edge, scalable technology as a solution for clients, you differentiate your shop from the competition.


Replace costly photoshoots

Create beautiful product and lifestyle images through 3D with our virtual photography solution.

Guidelines for partnering with Threekit


You can leverage Threekit resources on your website and marketing but you must include the header “{Your Company Name} uses Threekit 3D/AR Software” before listing any benefits or features of Threekit.


Notify our team as soon as possible of a potential customer opportunity so that we can sell the solution together.


Please refrain from quoting a price until you’ve scoped the project with our team. Each client’s product has different specifications that we need to account for.


Use these resources to learn and talk about Threekit.

Introductory Email

Use this doc to introduce the idea of a better visual customer experience to clients. 

Visual Customer Experience Deck

Use this deck to introduce the visual customer experience.

One Pager

Want to forward on the idea to a client? Download our one pager.

Mutual NDA

Have an idea or project that you would like to keep private? We're cool with that. Check out our NDA.

Referral Agreement

We pay a percentage of first year subscriptions for referrals. This document explains how that works. 


Open this link on your phone to see sample products in 3D and AR.

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